Engine type Emission cert. Power Torque Disp. L.  
    kW rpm Nm rpm    
N67MNTX20.00A800 StagelllA 129 2200 770 1500 6,7 Datasheet


FPT pumpset engines are delivered with: Water radiator and pushing fan, industrial air filter, manual accelerator control, rigid mountings and fan guard.


All stock engines are new and genuine FPT Industrial.

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We are able to offer the complete range of FPT Industrial, see link for more details.


FPT NEF SERIES, from 55 to 175kW.

The NEF series boosts productivity in any industry. More than 1.7 million engines sold attest to FPT Industrial’s leadership since 2001. NEF boasts best-in-class power and torque performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. It is highly flexible, with 4 and 6 cylinder configurations.