Engine type Emission cert. 50Hz (1500rpm)  60Hz (1800rpm) Disp. L.  
    Prime Standby Prime Standby    
    kWm kVA kWm kVA kWm kVA kWm kVA    
N45 SM1F StagelllA 55 62 61 69 - - - - 4,5 Datasheet
N45 SM2A Stagell 66 75 72 82 65 75 72 82 4,5 Datasheet


All stock engines are new and genuine FPT Industrial.

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We are able to offer the complete range of FPT Industrial, see link for more details.


FPT NEF SERIES, from 46 to 253kWm.

The NEF Series showcases FPT Industrial’s technological excellence.

Developed to satisfy the most demanding requirements, the engines in this range stand out for reliability and reduced fuel consumption.
NEF engines are available with 4 or 6 cylinders, with a mechanical or electronic common-rail injection system.

High thermodynamic performance
and engine response make
these engines the best choice.

Efficiency & Productivity
Emission performance is achieved without external
EGR, VGT or electronics systems.

Extra-long oil change intervals
(up to 800 hours with NEF mechanical versions).

Compact size and high component integration
facilitate engine installation.