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ItemPart numberQty.DescriptionEquivalentsProducer NoteM.O.Q.Unit PriceAdd to Basket
15003456901THERMOSTAT BODY 1Order 
273029441ELBOW COUPLING 1Order 
348640801SCREW CONNECTOR M10X1,25 5Order 
4102601602SEAL GASKET Ø10X14 MM SP=1 MM 20Order 
5984590061TEMP. TRANSMITTER 1Order 
6464770221TEMP. TRANSMITTER 1Order 
7102984601SEAL GASKET Ø12X18 MM SP=1,5 MM 20Order 
8984212971FLAT ENGINE GASKET SP=0,8 MM 10Order 
946979471WATER PIPE 5Order 
10172784814O-RING Ø17,17 MM SP=1,78 MM 20Order 
11168661732CIRCLIP Ø19,5 MM 20Order 
12166058242HEXAGON BOLT M8X35 MM 10Order 
13160449241SCREW M8X1,25X85 MM 5Order 
14166057341HEXAGON BOLT M8X30 MM 5Order 
15170894746SPRING WASHER Ø8X16 MM SP=1,4 MM 20Order 
16994537711RETAINER 5Order 
1948232121RUBBER GASKET 20Order 
23144552811O-RING SP=1,78 MM 20Order 
24984340231THERM.BODY COVER 1Order 
Not available anymore
2HEXAGON BOLT M8X25 MM (8.8) 10
arrow166056352HEXAGON BOLT M8X25 MM 5Order 
26984636371THERMOSTAT ASSY 1Order 

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