Barigelli engine parts


A lot of Barigelli machinery are powered by a FPT engine.

This could be by the old 8000 series, F32, Sofim, NEF, Cursor or Vector engines. We are able to deliver most FPT parts for maintenance and common repairs from our stock. Because we have a large network of suppliers, we are able to offer the best conditions.


To help you select the parts you need, we have created the FPT parts catalog.

Select the engine type underneath:


N45MNTE20.00A001 (F4GE0484C*D602)

N67MNTE20.00A003 (F4GE0684C*D608)


On our FPT catalog you will find part drawings, prices and availability.

If you can't find your engine in our catalog, please inform us by e-mail with your inquiry.